Steve's monthly notes on
The Sea Ranch Real Estate Market
October 2017

Morning mist at Black Point Beach...

Past & Present Home Sales in The Sea Ranch


81 homes have been sold to date in The Sea Ranch this year.
The average sale price for these homes was $789,427.
The average time on the market was 116 days.

Fall has arrived ...

October saw some of the worst wild fires in recent history here in California and that is saying something given that this state is plagued with terrible wild fires every year.  Drought conditions in the central and southern parts of the state have contributed to the problem.  We, here on the coast, have fortunately been spared these tragedies, but our hearts go out to our neighbors to the east and we wish them all of the very best as they rebuild their lives.  We are aware that although we benefit from the proximity of the ocean, cooler temperatures, and the so-called Marine Layer, we are not immune from the danger and we therefore take fire safety very seriously.  The Cal Fire station here on the Ranch and our own volunteer fire fighters are greatly appreciated as are all of the fire fighters in local communities up and down the coast.  Very important Mutual Help agreements are in force all up and down the coast and are regularly exercised.

In the immediate aftermath of the recent spate of fires, we saw a relatively large number of people evacuate to the coast.  Motels, campgrounds and rental units filled rapidly and many people moved in with friends.  This community came together immediately with neighbors helping neighbors and strangers alike.  In fact, the outpouring of assistance was so great that it overwhelmed the people distributing it and the community was actually asked to stop donating food and clothing.  Amazingly, that situation did not last for more than a few days because the majority of the evacuees very quickly began moving back inland to be closer to their properties.  Today, we still see evacuees coming to the coast, but usually it is in an effort to take a break from the debilitating day-to-day chore of coping with the disaster that has befallen them.  Talking with them is a sobering experience to say the obvious.

On a more cheerful note, the season here in The Sea Ranch has definitely turned from summer to fall.  Mornings are heavy with mist and the ocean is beginning to awaken with powerful alabaster swells rolling through to crash against the dark shore in a prelude to what is coming later in the year.  Although the foliage here on the coast does not experience the same dramatic change in coloration as it does in Vermont and Maine, it does indeed change subtly.  The bucks are stalking the does and the birds are in migration.  The rains have started and it won’t be long before the grasses along the trails will start greening.  The regularity of the seasons is reassuring in a world seemingly so full of tribulation.  It may sound like hyperbole, but there is a possibility that because we live so close to nature in this community, it has a calming effect on our lives.

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